Why We Love WordPress: Security

October 15, 2018

So, we sat down to write a post about why we love and use WordPress. Easiest task ever. I mean, we really love WordPress. And it is the content management system of choice for over 30 percent of the top 10 million websites on the internet, which means we aren’t the only ones. But as it turns out, there is way too much to love about it for just one post, which is why we are introducing our series called WORDPRESS IS OUR JAM AND LET US TELL YOU WHY.

For our inaugural post we thought we would focus on security. We already mentioned in our post on defending your site from hackers that updates are offered regularly to the WordPress core to patch any potential security issues found. You read that post, right? But it’s true – the WordPress team is constantly working to identify and resolve common security threats. They even work with HackerOne, a vulnerability corporation and bug bounty platform, to make it easy for developers (especially ethical hackers) to alert the security team of any potential issues found. The WordPress team also does a great job providing security-related best practices for developers to follow. Website security is a process, not a product, after all. (That same mentality goes for SEO, but that’s a story for a different day!) When it comes to security, it helps to have a roadmap for continuous improvement.

If you need a little extra peace of mind, you can always add a security plugin to supplement the base security features of WordPress. Though we typically shy away from plugins and prefer to build our own (again, another story for a different day), we can highly recommend Wordfence Security. And we can highly highly recommend the premium version! As the most popular WordPress firewall and security scanner available, WordFence has a whole suite of fun features that we love to geek out on. Like fancy firewall rules, live traffic monitoring, and the ability to block a single IP address, a whole IP range, or even an entire country. Just don’t let all that power to block go to your head.