The Crew

We started Subatomic with one goal in mind—to do good work for good people. We’ve stayed true to this mission of positivity so far and have no intention of compromising. Subatomic strives to bring your ideas to life with an intelligent approach to every problem. We navigate the digital sea with smartly-coded, intuitive solutions and are more than comfortable working below deck to get the job done.

Michele Troxler

Code Breaker. Creative Particle Accelerator.

Michele boasts an Advertising degree from LSU with concentrations in graphic design and business. She spent the first part of her career serving as art director and then design manager at a couple of agencies in New Orleans. Prior to founding Subatomic, her most recent stint came at Covalent Logic, where she was a senior web developer and then the web development manager.

She’s earned some other titles in addition to those official ones. PHP wizard, Justice of Javascript, HTML heroine, CSS sorceress… to name a few. Michele believes solid code is the absolute key to allowing website designs to reach their full potential. The building blocks of websites start inside some curly braces.

Somewhere in between all of those numerous lines of code, Michele has found the time to pick up a few strays, raise some chickens and explore the world of Essential Oils. She also runs in her spare time. In fact, a couple of years back Michele told her three previous hip surgeries where to go and ran a marathon. Feet. Pavement. 26.2 miles. If you didn’t like her already, there are 26.2 more reasons.

Brett Troxler

Word Wrangler. Solutions Agent.

Born and raised on rock n’ roll and comic books (neither are actually true), Brett continues to walk the circular path of life while also clinging to his youth as much as possible. At least that’s how he explains his Chuck Taylors and smattering of toys on his desk.

Looking back, Brett has done some interesting stuff. He has a Minor in Astronomy from LSU (his major was Journalism, but we’re going for star power here). Brett’s also been paid by actual people to write about sports, review movies, direct traffic, produce web things and wear an inflatable taco suit. All true.

When not working, Brett likes to consume fiction, written and televised. He has been occasionally known to read himself to sleep (every night). He enjoys running, coffee, podcasts, yoga, superheroes, science fiction, parentheses and puns. He continues to pursue a professional sand volleyball career despite being in his 40s. We don’t have the heart to tell him…