The Periscope

Let Google Ads Do Your Bidding

April 20, 2021

Every company out there with a web presence has heard of the struggle of getting your website to appear at—or at least near—the top of Google search results. It’s an age old SEO quest—perhaps now old enough to be considered legend.

Destination: Nowhere

April 4, 2020

What happens when you scour the internet in search of information and land... where there is none? This, fellow surfers, is a space reserved for the web's most notorious numerical error: 404.

March of the Hackers

March 18, 2020

Why do hackers hack? The simplest answer is, well, lots of reasons. And a majority of them aren’t good. Shocking, we know.

Four Sites We Love

February 14, 2020

We're sharing some love this Valentine's Day—that's the idea, right?—by giving you this box of website goodness.