Copywriting & Editing

Words matter. How you address your customers is possibly the most important part of establishing a brand. We can help you find your voice, whether it be professional or snarky, clever or confident, by providing tagline options in the early stages. Already singing a consistent tune? Let us help craft your email blasts, campaign messaging and social media posts.

We can also help with long-form editing… because honestly, who doesn’t benefit from second or third set of eyes? Especially after you’ve already worked on something to the point where your eyes have glazed over. You know what we’re talking about. Subatomic can dive in and eliminate those pesky typos and run-on sentences from your proposals, directories, articles, newsletters—you name it!

Subatomic also has brains for sale! If you need another mind at a table for a brainstorm, we’ve got the experience and creativity to sit at the table with your team and conjure up ideas. Collaboration is our happy place, so our crew would love to contribute to a session that leads to your next product name or marketing slogan.

Let us help with your words on:

  • Billboards & Other Outdoor, such as Vehicle Wraps
  • Blog Posts
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Writing
  • Digital & Print Advertising Campaigns
  • Social Post / Social Campaigns:
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
  • Website Copy