We are the building blocks of websites.

Formed one spring day by an unexplained chemical reaction, Subatomic LLC is primarily a web development shop providing support to marketing and advertising firms that simply don’t want to mess with all that {code stuff}. We can also bolster the effectiveness of your marketing team by applying skill sets like project management, graphic design and copywriting services.

  • Website Development
  • WordPress Integration
  • Javascript/Jquery Animation
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management

Michele Troxler

Founder. Code Breaker. Creative Particle Accelerator.

Michele boasts an Advertising degree from LSU with concentrations in graphic design and business. She spent the first part of her career serving as art director and then design manager at a couple of agencies in New Orleans. Prior to founding Subatomic, her most recent stint came at Covalent Logic, where she was a senior web developer and then the web development manager.

She’s earned some other titles in addition to those official ones. PHP wizard, Justice of Javascript, HTML heroine, CSS sorceress… to name a few. Michele believes solid code is the absolute key to allowing website designs to reach their full potential. The building blocks of websites start inside some curly braces.

Somewhere in between all of those numerous lines of code, Michele has found the time to pick up a few strays, raise a few baby squirrels and cook to her heart’s and guests’ content. Because she rocks at it. Oh, and one other minor detail. A couple of years back, Michele told her three previous hip surgeries where to go and ran a marathon. Feet. Pavement. 26.2 miles. If you didn’t like her already, there are 26.2 more reasons.

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